22 thoughts on “Tip Jar

  1. Keep up the good work. I am glad that African Americans like yourself are standing up for what is right. As a Native American, I understand that we cannot depend on the federal government for our survival. Hard work, love of God, and doing what is right always make a difference. Thank you!!
    Shaun Haven

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  3. I would love to see a place where people (African Americans) like me who left the GOP because of its present policies enter the discussion on your blog. I will not say keep up the good work because I disagree with it (LOL) but do your thing. ClarenceWhoMovedLeft will be here.

    • ClarenceWhoMovedLeft, how could you vote for Obama? You left the GOP “because of its present policies” yet you voted for Obama??!!

  4. I am very confused.. I know ederly Black people that refuse to be called African Americans.. in fact they get very pissed off if someone says it… I was informed they are Americans.. they might be Black, but they are Americans.. I respect their view very much… In my 25 years of law enforcement I refuse to use titles with color… I like Bill Cosby’s philosophy and perspective on the subject… what do you think???

    • Bill Cosby is very wise on this topic, I just wish that he would’ve extended that to his vote for the president. His support for Barack Obama is illogical in light of his personal beliefs.

  5. I served 20 years in the military, I often found it hysterically hypocritical that while together over seas and out in public, we would often get asked where are we from or nationality, in which the reply “American” was the norm….but as soon as we are back home, in the U.S, we would hear or fall victim to the same polarizing, segregating verbiage having to be associated by terms like African American, Italian American, Irish American. How can it be when outside our boarders of comfort, we are simply Americans and not one when we are together home….?

  6. Stacy, just sent you some money to keep you moving forward…. you keep going girl, you are doing a good work!

  7. Great job hosting the Dana show yesterday. Jane Cunningham (former State Senator and Monarch Fire Protection District Board of Directors…..fighting for the people!)

  8. Thank You Stacey, Please help our youth wake up after all they are our future, They need someone like you to help them understand it’s not just about what their parents think. It’s all about what’s really going on. You seem to have the most outstanding view of the what they need to know about this country, and what we are slowly falling away from. Keep up the great work!

  9. Hi, Stacy! I love listening to you. So nice to find a down-to-earth person to represent my political leanings! Would love to hear more of you on FM radio.

  10. I will always say, know, think, and affirm, as being a African Negro by descent first then American second. My ethnicity is African negro because my features and flesh tone or hue of my skin is dark. My culture is American. I believe because the ethnic distinction is seems to be trivialized. A lot of Americans,and other nationalities of people are lazy and intellectually ignorant. I know that tones of writing are difficult to be seen. So I will clarify that I am not implying my statement as an attack but as a observation in experiences with many people however not everyone. So there are exceptions. To say that I was African American is vague since African is cultural, Chinese is cultural, Italian is cultural. Any body is able to learn those countries’ lifestyles, customs, traditions. Ethnicity is a persons physical make up which is entirely different. Being ethnically different is one uniqueness that makes us special as people.

  11. I hit the tip jar, Stacy. Your e-mails are a constant encouragement to me to keep up the good fight.

    Speaking of which, the issue Republicans need to hammer is the cost of college education to the middle class. Obama is always offering more government as a solution. If more government is the solution, why are state universities so expensive that the middle class has take out loans to send their children to them? Because without the discipline of the marketplace there is no cost control. These schools know that the middle class will make almost any sacrifice, including borrowing, to ensure their children get college degrees. State Universities have a captive market, so they have little incentive to make their product affordable. Republicans must meet this issue head on, and create reforms that make college education affordable.

    This is THE ISSUE of this generation. It affects all of us, and if Republicans will lead on this, we’ll be the party that keeps this wonderful country from imploding under socialism. BTW, do you know what Obama’s solution is to this problem? Change degree programs to be three years! He is so enamored with government, he can’t bring himself to criticize the high cost of government.

    We need to get traction on this issue and win the day with it.

    What do you say?

  12. Thank You for all you say.
    Don’t Stop speaking the truth.

    Is there any chance of impeachment?
    The 2017 inauguration is a while yet.

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