#FLOTUS is mad kids don’t like her lunch program #VIRALVideo

Apparently, according to Michelle Obama, it’s the Republicans fault that inner city kids are skipping their lunches at school.

Via IJReview:

At a fundraiser Monday, Michelle Obama slammed House Republicans who are pushing to grant waivers to schools that are losing money due to her “Let’s Move!” lunch program. The GOP also seeks to ease the law’s requirements when it is re-authorized next year. None of this sits well with the First Lady:

Michelle Obama told donors that Republicans in Congress were dedicated to obstructing not only her husband’s political ambitions but her own efforts to reduce child obesity.

“We all have a right to expect that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars won’t be spent on junk food for our kids,” she said pointing out that parents have a “right” to expect healthy meals in schools.

Michelle pointed out that “her” legislation and “her” national school lunch standards were drafted by “experts” using “sound science,” but that Republicans will continue their efforts to roll back “her” program anyway. And how does she feel about it?

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No, no it isn’t the Republicans who are opposing your ridiculous lunch standards.  It’s the KIDS!!!  They hate what you are forcing them to eat, so they are skipping lunch.  How’s that for usurping your “authority” FLOTUS?

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Trey Goudy has questions, and answers… #ViralVideo!!

Rep. Gowdy’s Floor Speech on the ENFORCE the Law Act

Rep. Gowdy rightly asks how the president can possibly have changed his position this much since he was a sitting senator.  It’s funny how drunk our president is on his own power; funny and frightening.

By the way.  This is another example of Presidential Hypocrisy.  That’s all.

Defining quality of the Obama Presidency thus far? #HeKnowsNothing

Via Freedomworks.org

Earlier in 2013, MSNBC host Mika Brezinski was clearly upset by a montage of people, including the president himself, saying Obama didn’t know about NSA spying and other scandals plaguing his administration. It was striking in the nonchalant way media persons, White House officials, and others pronounced with a straight face that President Obama just didn’t know. He didn’t know about the IRS persecuting Tea Party orgs. He didn’t know about Fast and Furious. He didn’t know that Obamacare’s healthcare.gov website was gonna bust a Fail Whale.

This was a defining moment because of who Mr. Obama is; presumably the leader of the free world. Yet, Obama hasn’t been aware of much of anything. He has even said so himself – repeatedly. This strains the limits of credulity. No CEO of a major corporation or non-profit would ever permit themselves to be on the record deferring responsibility in this way.

Finding out about the Fast and Furious scandal on the news, hearing of the NSA eavesdropping on the private calls of allies and world leaders on the news. What executive would be proud to be kept in the dark this way? What board of directors would ever find this acceptable? Looking back over the years, a clear pattern emerges: NSA spying and overreach; Obama knew nothing. On Bengazi; he found out just before the American people did. On IRS Tea Party persecution; he was as shocked as we were! Fast and Furious; “whew! Wasn’t that something?” The Green Energy debacle of Solyndra; Obama wasn’t sure he’d ever heard of it until the news media started reporting on it. Even though there are pictures of him visiting the headquarters. And don’t forget healthcare.gov. He never even saw that debacle coming.

Doesn’t his position afford him a level of significant early notification? It does if he can get off the golf course long enough to attend a briefing. Thats what President Obamas Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information, Yankee White Security Clearance is all about: unfettered access to all information.

Here’s to hoping that 2014 is the start of a new trend for him; demanding that he is briefed and kept up to speed on pressing national and international issues by his cabinet and staff. The American People expect so much more from our elected president. Five years in it’s time the POTUS delivered.

American Black Church: where are you?

In the national firestorm over the firing of Phil Robertson over his stated belief in the Bible and opposition to sin, a clarion call can be heard for Christians of every stripe, and the Black Church specifically, to stand up for Faith in America.

It’s odd but not surprising that silence is the answer from Blacks in Christian America. Why? Because President Obama has effectively neutered the Black Church through his support of abortion and homosexual “marriage”.

In supporting this president by margins of over 90%, blacks in America have given away their credibility on opposing the very social sins their president so vehemently supports. Lets think about this for a moment.

As a Bible believing Christian, do you think for one moment that God will condone your capitulation to homosexuals because a black president told you to?

What will you say? That to stand up to Barack Obamas support of homosexuality would damage his presidency, historic legacy and place you on the wrong side of history?

You already know that won’t fly. True Christians understand that any unrepented capitulation on social issues is sin and will end in condemnation.

The emboldening of the Homosexual Lobby, there’s nothing “gay” or happy about it, is a direct result of President Obamas “evolution” on gay marriage. Further, the presidents language in this area has spawned an open contempt for Christian belief and tradition that leaves people of faith open to attack.

President Obama opposes faith based exemptions to abortion and contraception mandates, asylum for foreign homeschoolers, and vehemently opposes the right of Christians to practice their faith in public in any way. He supports teaching elementary aged school children about homosexual sex.

This is not the behavior of a Christian man. Our president even refuses to attend National Day of Prayer activities! Please take your eyes off of his melanin content and see the ugly truth.

No man of faith, would ever address Planned Parenthood, let alone ask God to bless them. They kill unborn babies in the womb for money. They lie about how much of that killing is taxpayer funded, forcing those that disagree with the barbaric practice to subsidize it anyway.

While I address this missive to the Black Church, I also beg my Catholic brethren to open their eyes as well. The Catholic vote in America went for Obama in both of his presidential elections. As reward for your support he has launched an unrelenting war on Catholic hospitals, adoption agencies and charitable organizations seeking to sever your Biblical basis in faith from your practice of the same.

Now that that which has been so painfully clear to many of us is laid bare before you, what will you do? Will you continue to cower as we are forced into silence by our own employees? Hard left Democrats want people of faith out of public life and view for good. Will you sit idly by giving your tacit permission?
Todd Starnes has a suggestion for those of us that want to make a difference:

I suggest that those of us who agree fundamentally with Robertson make clear that: 1) We are unashamed of our belief in Jesus and in biblical morality. 2) We stand against the mistreatment of all people, including gays and lesbians. 3) We will not support the radical redefinition of marriage, regardless of the cost involved, nor do we see cultural capitulation to gay activism as inevitable.

Now would be a perfect time to take a stand, but with grace, precision, and wisdom.

I will not go away quietly. Pray about your role in this fight. May God give you the courage and resilience to stand with me against the complete and utter degradation of our social mores while we still may stand.

Wheel in Rally is TODAY!

The “Wheel In” Rally is TODAY!
11 am – come out and support Jim Hoft!

UPDATED- here are the photos from the rally:

For Immediate Release: 
December 21, 2013

Contacts: Jim Hoft: 314-304-0830 midwestjim@charter.net Stacy Washington: 314-954-4522 stacyontheright@gmail.com


St. Louis MO – Blogger Jim Hoft, radio host Stacy Washington and Missourians that have lost their healthcare plans are having a Wheel-In Rally on Saturday, to ask Senator Claire McCaskill important questions about her continued support of the ACA, known widely as Obamacare.

Saturday December 21, 2013 / 11 AM CT

Wheel-In Location:
 Sen. McCaskill’s St. Louis Office

5850 Delmar Blvd, Ste. A

St. Louis, Missouri 63112

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, like more than 6 million Americans has lost his healthcare coverage with the implementation of Obamacare. He and others will bring their concerns to Senator McCaskill and from his wheelchair will ask “Why Americans are being punished by Democrats with the loss of affordable healthcare and the erosion of personal choice and liberty?”’

While much of the focus of late has been on the catastrophic failure of the Obamacare website, the true failure of this disastrous law is the law itself. Simply put, Obamacare is not a bad website, it is bad law. Obamacare provides a list that grows daily of broken promises by Democrats to the American people. Senator McCaskill voted in favor of this assault on individual liberty and owes the voters in her state answers.

Hoft explains, “It is unbelievable that in the United States of America millions are losing their insurance because of this destructive power grab by this administration. What is more shocking is that Americans are taking this on the chin. This weekend, we will stand up and say, ‘No more!” Despite what President Obama said, and Democrats reinforced, millions of Americans CANNOT keep their plans. They cannot keep their doctors and they WILL pay more. It is time for Americans to go directly to those who are supposed to represent them to demand answers.”

Stacy Washington of StacyOnTheRight.com and St. Louis talk radio’s KFTK is concerned that Sen. McCaskill’s continued support of Obamacare doesn’t reflect the will of her constituents and is tone deaf to the realities of the law. Stacy points out, “Over 70% of Missouri’s voters opposed this law. Now that many of those same constituents are losing the coverage that Senator McCaskill promised that they could keep, it’s time for a reality check. Do what’s right for Missourians and represent your constituents Senator McCaskill. It’s what you’re paid by us to do.”