STL Gunmen abduct teen, Mom & Dad shoot gunmen #SOTR

Excellent news for 2nd Amendment supporters everywhere: responsible gun ownership saves lives.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – Homicide detectives are investigating after one person was killed and another injured in a shooting in south St. Louis late Monday night that allegedly stemmed from a home break-in.

Police said the incident happened in the 4600 block of Newport near Taft around 11 p.m.

Police said 31-year-old Terrell Johnson and  33-year-old Cortez McClinton approached a 17-year-old female outside her home while she was collecting some items from her car.  Police said the men demanded she return to her home with them.

The girl’s father saw what was happening, retrieved his gun and fired several shots at the suspects, striking both of them as they entered the home, police said. Police said the girl’s mother also fired shots at the two suspects.

Johnson was pronounced dead at the home. McClinton fled the scene on foot and was later taken to a local hospital.  He was listed in critical, but stable condition.

The girl who was attacked, her mother, father, and 5-year-old boy who live at the home were not injured.

As a result, McClinton was charged with murder 2nd, burglary, kidnapping and armed criminal action.

It’s too bad only one gunmen met his end.  Bravo to the mother and father for being armed and ready to defend their child.

Headlines: The Summer of Everything is Killing You Edition #SOTR

Saturday on the Stacy on the Right Show I’ll interview a mystery guest!  Tune in to find out who…

Here are your Headlines:

  • A press release from the National Center outlines how “Activists Try to Take the Joy out of Summer for Children and Adults – Warning to Parents: Worrying Too Much About Ideologically-Based “Scares” Can Needlessly Ruin Summer Fun” (National Center)
  • Cantor’s loss has implications… Four of them to be specific… (Daily Signal)
  • Celebrate Fathers Day, not Parents Day. Seems like a given eh?  Not to the activists… (Daily Signal)
  • Is there a culture war against Christians?  Star Parker says there is and the evidence supports her.  (CURE)
  • Hillary gets worked up over questions about her newfound support of homosexual marriage (Daily Signal)

#FLOTUS is mad kids don’t like her lunch program #VIRALVideo

Apparently, according to Michelle Obama, it’s the Republicans fault that inner city kids are skipping their lunches at school.

Via IJReview:

At a fundraiser Monday, Michelle Obama slammed House Republicans who are pushing to grant waivers to schools that are losing money due to her “Let’s Move!” lunch program. The GOP also seeks to ease the law’s requirements when it is re-authorized next year. None of this sits well with the First Lady:

Michelle Obama told donors that Republicans in Congress were dedicated to obstructing not only her husband’s political ambitions but her own efforts to reduce child obesity.

“We all have a right to expect that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars won’t be spent on junk food for our kids,” she said pointing out that parents have a “right” to expect healthy meals in schools.

Michelle pointed out that “her” legislation and “her” national school lunch standards were drafted by “experts” using “sound science,” but that Republicans will continue their efforts to roll back “her” program anyway. And how does she feel about it?

Read the rest here.

No, no it isn’t the Republicans who are opposing your ridiculous lunch standards.  It’s the KIDS!!!  They hate what you are forcing them to eat, so they are skipping lunch.  How’s that for usurping your “authority” FLOTUS?

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