#ICYMI The #SOTR Show: Proposed ban on openly gay NFL players

Get the podcast here:  The Stacy on the Right Show

Tonight on Stacy on the Right Radio I interviewed Roger Stone and Jack Burkman.

Roger Stone discussed his new book The Man Who Killed Kennedy – the Case Against LBJ.

Jack Burkman  discussed his proposed law banning openly gay NFL players.

Bumper music from tonight’s show:

The Black Keys – Fever
Francesca Battistelli – Write Your Story
Kaiser Chiefs – Coming Home
Bastille – Bad Blood
Portugal The Man – Purple Yellow Red & Blue
Arctic Monkeys – Why’s Do You Only Call Me….
Foster The People – Coming Of Age
Gooding – Junkie Weight

Right after the Show I’ll be celebrating Earth Hour by washing and drying clothes, running the dishwasher and generally entertaining myself through the use of other exciting electrical appliances. ‘Merica!

As promised: the video of Jabba the Hut, a Chicago teacher’s union president says we should politicize math.  Really?

featured post image via Furious Diaper

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