Tonight on #SOTR Radio former FEC Chair Brad Smith…

Tune in as I interview former FEC Chair Brad Smith and discuss how our work helping to spread the word to comment on the IRS rule making was fruitful!!

Stream me live here: FM News Talk 97.1…

Tune in via TuneIn or iHeart Radio apps on your smart phones!

Call in lines are open 1-866-455-9797

This happens EVERY Saturday: 5-7 pm CT!


Bumper music from tonight’s show:
Foster The People – Coming Of Age
Broken Bells – Holding On For Life
Lorde – Team
Queens Of The Stoneage – I Sat By The Ocean
Fundamental Elements – Superman
Electric Guest – This Head I Hold
Bastille – Bad Blood
Repeat Repeat – Chemical Reaction

It was good wasn’t it? Tip your waitress!!!

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