Tonight on the #SOTR Show!!

You will get to hear me debut numerous new segments!! Just a few for tonight are the Local Business Spotlight, 2nd Amendment Update and The Poll Report…

Stream me live here: FM News Talk 97.1…

Bumper Music from tonight’s show:
The Kooks – How’s You Like That
Go Radio – Go To Hell
Repeat Repeat – History
Portugal The Man – Purple Yellow Red & Blue
Repeat Repeat – Chemical Reaction
The Neighbourhood – Afraid
Gooding – Junkie Weight
Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

ICYMI: The Podcast

Thanks for listening!!

3 thoughts on “Tonight on the #SOTR Show!!

  1. I listen to your show every Saturday, Stacy; you have a really good show, and don’t pull any punches. I also listen to Colonel Mike Pate’s show at 2:00 PM on Saturday, on 1220 AM. Last week was his first show; he had WW 11 veterans on, including my friend, Homer Medlin. This week, he had several veterans on from different branches. Mike is a Marine, and has been all over the world. He now spends a lot of time working for benefit of veterans needing assistance. 1220 AM probably doesn’t have power enough to reach very far out of Franklin County.

  2. Sorry I missed you on saturday PM. Seems like we end up with so much then. Is there any way to listen or down load from a site – 97.1 FM??????


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