5 thoughts on “Obamacare: It doesn’t work. It’s never going to work. Shhh! Don’t tell Obama. He’s still telling people that they can keep their plans!

  1. I believe this was his plan all along, since I don’t believe anything happens by accident in this government; not when they have this gang in control. He made it pretty clear he wanted single payer, health control that any Communist would be proud of.

  2. My Golden Rule private health insurance told me months ago that it didn’t meet Obama care standards and would be cancelled with the roll in of it. My premiums ran $380 every 3 months but the Obama care mandate will cost $588 every month! Full time work applications have been withdrawn by employers with this Obama Care getting closer to starting. Part time or seasonal positions have been put in place instead. My current employer doesn’t offer health insurance because they figure most of their law enforcement part time employees can get health insurance from their perspective law enforcement agencies.

  3. @ Bill Burt

    Almost per word what I was going to post! You nailed it!

    This Regime can successfully topple two Governments who did not pose a threat to us, in Egypt and Libya,but can not seem to get a web site to work after 3 years of planning. IMO, this is Fraud and misuse of Tax Payer Funds on a massive scale.

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