Headlines!! Teachers Are Required To Wear Panties Edition… #SOTR

Yeah.  That’s what I’m leading with today.  Sure, we have Lindsey Graham fear mongering a nuclear attack on the United States if we don’t bomb Syria, but foundational garments are imminently more interesting…  Check out the Electric Stove on Allman in the Morning for the podcast of today’s morning hit and tune in to the Sam Malone Show at 9:20 am CST!!!

Superintendent creates new dress code for teachers sorry gals, you gotta wear panties!

via The Blaze:

For starters, the Aug. 29 letter from the Little Rock School District’s Office of the Superintendent to all employees explains that pesky underwear rule:

“Foundational garments shall be worn and not visible with respect to color, style, and/or fabric. No see-through or sheer clothing shall be allowed, and no skin shall be visible between pants/trousers, skirts, and shirts/blouses at any time.”

And as for what’s banned starting in 2014?

  • T-shirts, patches, and other clothing containing slogans for beer, alcohol, drugs, gangs or sex.
  • Cut-off jeans with ragged edges, cut-out dresses and spaghetti-straps if teachers aren’t wearing at least two layers.
  • Jogging suits, mini-skirts, halter tops, backless or sheer dresses.
  • “Casual T-shirts” — faded, sheer, out of shape, inappropriately sized.
  • Flip-flops.


  • Obama is hinting that he may abandon air strikes in Syria.  He may actually listen to the will of the people?  WUT?

    President Barack Obama hinted Friday that he might not strike Syria if Congress rejects his authorization request.

    “I’m not itching for military action… and if there are good ideas that are worth pursuing, then I’m going to be open to them,” he told one reporter who asked if he was seeking alternatives to a missile strike.

    “Are we on a fast track to military action as soon as Congress renders its judgment one way or the other?”  the reporter asked Obama, during his morning press conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Perhaps the thousands of calls to the White House switchboard have something to do with this?  Hmmm.

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