#ViralVideo Watch this NOW

Don’t let the language stop you from finishing this video. The guy is speaking to OUR culture. Whether you want to or not, we all own it.

From the freakish obsession with blood and vampires, to the notion that kids could walk outside and shoot another human being out of “boredom”.

His name is Raymmar Tirado. His message is: This is our America. Do something if you want to change it.

Monday Headlines: Black Dogs are Racist Edition! #SOTR

Hey everybody!!  It’s Monday…  Radio Day!!  Catch me on Allman in the Morning and the Sam Malone Show! (We twerked and lived to talk about it…)  By the way, thanks to all who wished me well and stuff with my summer cold and starting out a new routine with our kids in private school.

I made it!  I’m back baby.


My daughter clued me in on this video and I had to share it.  Guy is kinda scary lookin’ and all.  His message is on point though.

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