13 thoughts on “Don a KKK Robe to protest Black on Black Crime?

  1. All I can say is I’ve been saying this since people have been passionately expressing their disdain for Zimmerman during the trial. I’m so glad that more black people are speaking about this because it’s the truth!!!

  2. The Democrats created the KKK to kill black and Republican Americans, and now you have Democrat leaders of cities where even more black Americans are killed….this time at the hands of fellow blacks. This tragedy gets no liberal media coverage or political recognition because Democrats don’t care about black Americans. Too bad many are too ignorant to realize that simple fact. Wake up fools! Good for you Mr. King to bring attention to a sad statistic that gets zero national attention. The only thing killing black Americans at a faster pace is abortion. Democrats are employing ‘ethnic cleansing’ as they destroy the black family (bringing out the worst in their men, while objectiving their women and killing their children, via abortion).

  3. This dude is ignorant of the practice of slavery in old and new-testament slavery. American slavery is not Biblical slavery. It was wrong for the men guilty of American slavery to use the scripture as justification for the same reason this dude is using American slavery to say that the Bible is guilty of the same thing. Slavery is not wrong for the same reason that raising kids is not wrong. Abusing kids is wrong. Abusing slaves is wrong.

  4. I wish more blacks realized the truth of these words. Or perhaps there are many more that do, but they never say anything for fear of being labeled “not black enough” and ostracized from their community. I agree with everything both these men say. I also applaud people like Bill Cosby, for standing up and pointing out these truths. I, as a white male can’t say anything like this, without being labeled a racist. The sadly ironic part of this is, it’s not the racists that blacks need to worry about, it’s each other.

  5. I wonder how many people went past the headline and actually took the time to hear the message. I thought it was quite commendable and a VERY “artistic,” way to approach the problem.

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