Hater mail! #SOTR


Just a quick screen grab of the most recent hate sent my way. Obviously, I’m getting the anger this guy feels towards Zimmerman.

Although I agree with the verdict, I’m calling for people to step back and pray for both families and the children of this nation…

11 thoughts on “Hater mail! #SOTR

  1. I don;t know how you deal with these uninformed hate filled people. I read some different pages and it is unbelievable the amount of hate against God and conservatives and responsible people. You have my support and admiration.

  2. I so agree. While I agree with the verdict, my heart grieves for Trayvon’s parents. I have no children, but as a woman have such empathy for his mother. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. I cannot imagine what it must be like knowing he is gone forever and wondering what could have been.

    I also have much empathy for George’s mom. I cannot imagine the pain she has endured during this ordeal. For the rest of her life, it will never be the same. Her child, while there, will never be allowed a normal life.

    My prayers are with them all. Prayers for healing and prayers for peace.

    Lord knows this nation needs prayers for healing and peace as well.

  3. Our wonderful prez said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. If Trayvon was white, would he have said the same thing?


  5. I actually DISAGREE with the verdict. However, I emphatically agree with you that we should pray for both of these families. I feel Mr. Zimmerman was improperly trying to play hero. I don’t feel he was being prejudicial toward Trayvon. It is an unfortunate situation no matter what the verdict. I respect the verdict, and I respect the greatest judicial system on the planet.

  6. Unfortunately, Mr. Smith does not take the “Senior” in his name too seriously. Wisdom truly does not always come with age. Imagine what lessons “Junior” is learning. I can only pray for people like him.

  7. Stacy, I admire your strength and resolve. I’m praying that our citizens would actually wake up and think for themselves and see that the media manipulates situations to promote their own agenda and are mostly to blame for the anger and hate being spewed out like a posion. As soon as the shooting happened, they used it to promote their agenda to push gun control and then it was racially motivated and of course it’s all about the ratings so they latched onto that with everything they could throw at the public who was willing to absorb it. When I saw all the crowds outside after the verdict, I thought, they are all pawns once again being played by the media. I wondered, how many really read or viiewed the trial or strictly got it from their favorite news reporter who feeds their appetites for hate and prejudice. There are few legitimate, ethical reporting these days. The media played a big role in fanning the flames and if violence breaks out they deserve charges files against them. Keep up the good work and always tell the truth, not as you see it, but as it really is.

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