60% of Hispanics Support Border Security Before Amnesty

This isn’t a shock. Citizens always support defending the rights of other citizens above interlopers.

Only the far LEFT, 22% of Democrats, the very loudest, most insipid, rancid Marxist wannabes fully support this Shamnesty plan.

Don’t fall for it Republicans…

Via Stand With Arizona:

This poll shows that a majority of registered Hispanic voters believe any immigration legislation that becomes law should deal with border security and interior immigration law enforcement before legalization of America’s at least 11 million illegal aliens begins.

“Among all Hispanics, six in ten, 60%, support granting legal status to those already here only when the 90% goal is reached; 32% oppose,” GOP pollster John McLaughlin’s group said in a release. “Among Hispanic voters, 60% support, 34% oppose.”

The “90% goal” McLaughlin’s group is referencing is the target of ending 90 percent of current illegal immigration through border security and interior enforcement.

The McLaughlin poll also found that Hispanics oppose giving illegal aliens access to federal benefits, including Obamacare, “while they are going through the legalization process and before the 90% goal is reached” at a 56 to 40 percent margin. The registered Hispanic voters polled also considered “immigration reform” the lowest priority of four issues when asked whether immigration, the economy, education, or health care is most important to them.

Don’t fall for Democrat amnesty tricks again!

5 thoughts on “60% of Hispanics Support Border Security Before Amnesty

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