*Full Video: Black Conservatives on Hannity Show Special #SOTR

Thursday morning I traveled to Fox News in New York to tape the “Hannity” Special: African American Conservatives Townhall”. Here is the video in its entirety. It was wonderful to meet and network with great people! Keep scrolling for shots from the trip. Had a blast!


The street scene as I got out of the town car outside News Corp.


Waiting to get a badge…



In the greenroom we got to muggin’ for the camera. That’s Vanessa Lewis and Sonnie Johnson giving pure energy.


LOVE this girl! Katrina Pierson kicks liberal butt. Daily.


Had so much fun having lunch and getting to know Jen of Tea Party News Network.


Look at me getting all Kira Davis-ey!!! Check her out here: Kira Davis


Pretty Girl Rock. Nuff said.


Dwayne Dupree known to us all as the NewsNinja2012!


One minute until all cameras go live!!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.09.02 AM







Closing comments….


Yes. I see racism here.




View from the Sirius XM Radio station’s 37th floor, going in to do a segment on the David Webb Show.


Friday at noon before heading back to St. Louis, I had lunch with two friends and enjoyed the last bit of New York. Look at my sleepy face.


This was fantastic.

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8 thoughts on “*Full Video: Black Conservatives on Hannity Show Special #SOTR

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  2. The show was great I watched it twice. You and all the other women were amazing, interesting and right on point. I hope there are more shows like this scheduled. What would you think about a show featuring both Dems and Conservatives discussing their views and beliefs openly? Do you think it would be beneficial or not???

  3. Great show. The voices of black conservatives needs to be heard. Absolutely loved the messages to youth at the end. “Open a business”. Great, great advice. Also through this show I found new voices and ideas to listen to. We need more of this. Yes, I’m begging.

  4. I love it! Well done. Have to ask because you remind me of one of my favorite political speakers on this topic. Have you ever had a chance to speak with or meet a woman by the name of Dr. Carol Swain? She’s a professor of political science at Vanderbilt University and also happens to be a black female conservative who’s also been on Fox, ABC news, and Anderson Cooper as an analyst. (full bio, which is unreal is at http//www.bethepeople.tv) I think the two of you would make a very impressive duo on any of these shows.

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