Piers Morgan asks: Is Obama worse than Bush? *Video

Yes.  This actually happened.  CNN’s Piers Morgan interviewed Sen. Bernie Sanders (D) VA, on the NSA/ PRISM data mining scandal.  He was notably unimpressed with the president on the issue.

via MrConservative:

Morgan quoted a recent New York Times editorial that said the Obama administration has “now lost all credibility on this issue.”

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was on the show as his guest. Morgan asked the senator from Vermont if he thought Obama’s surveillance decisions are “worse than anything George W. Bush did.”

Perhaps there’s an actual thinking brain in there after all.

3 thoughts on “Piers Morgan asks: Is Obama worse than Bush? *Video

  1. It’s totally in “left field” to imply George Bush is comparable to Barack Obama. Obama has repeated everything liberals condemned Bush for and added to it, after promising he WOULDN’T, plus gone off the deep end with massive control and overt hostility toward any opposition from Americans and appeasing enemies with concessions. You didn’t see that from Bush. Liberals hated him from the start because of how the election went and in their eyes if he had cured cancer he would still have been maligned for it. I have to wonder if they love Obama and voted for him against Hillary because they believed he would be more malicious towards conservatives. Piers doesn’t seem to be capable of deducing the obvious.

  2. The Republican presidential frontrunner, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, has just written his foreign policy credo for Foreign Affairs magazine . It is a truly unnerving pronouncement — even worse than Bush-ism. Not unexpectedly, Mr. Giuliani backs all of the most brazen features of the Bush administration’s global agenda. But he tosses in several deeply scary initiatives of his own that George W. never touched.

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