7 thoughts on “The RNC wants my money. Guess what I said? *Video

  1. You are right Stacy. Romney and the Republicans in 2012 gave the impression that they didn’t care enough for the importance of American principles values to support them. When people talk about jobs without what they mean in the context of a societal good, it just appears phony. I can’t blame people from being turned off to that approach.

    I don’t know if the establishment is capable of understanding this. It is a shame because there is nothing better for building community than conservative values and spunk. We need those with the courage to say and mean it by living it rather than appearing politically correct.

  2. Right on Stacy! This country is never going to recover and prosper again if we do not get some real conservatives in office that take action against this monster of a government that is devouring our nation in front of our very eyes destroying the American dream for all coming generations. We have to do without to feed this monster that is furthering our debt to the point of an impossible recovery all the while losing our freedoms left and right and not for what is best for us as a nation but for what is best for the ones raping this country while selling us out to communism. This country is being ran by a bunch of traitors to our blessed nation as their actions are certainly not in the best interest of the United States nor for the citizens of our beloved nation. I wish more people had your views and this would be a much better and stronger America with a brighter future. God Bless America Forever and thank God for people like you.

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