#SOTR Hater Mail! New tone much? No.


This week, haters didn’t hesitate to curse and toss around their ignorance. John Rice was angry because I posted a pic on Facebook comparing Obama’s desire to confiscate weapons from law abiding American citizens to Hitler. History supports the comparison as Hitler said he was doing it for the kids. He loved to get cute kids up on stage with him as he pontificated about saving lives. Sound familiar?

If you disagree that’s fine, but why resort to name calling? It only fuels the engines folks…

Sent to me through Black Conservative Political Action on Facebook through direct messages.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.58.31 AM












3 thoughts on “#SOTR Hater Mail! New tone much? No.

  1. These people are simply amazing…amazingly ignorant and intolerant. I would like to comment, that there are loads of people who are “lining up to become black or brown”, ever been to a tanning salon or a beach…what a dork!!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how rude, hateful and ignorant their intolerant comments were towards you… And, seriously, where do these people (crazy liberals) get their so-called education? How can their view points be SOOOOO SKEWED and so based on false ideas (& ideals) ?? Keep up the good work Stacy, WE love you & your voice of reason! 🙂

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