2nd Amendment Watch: Carrying in your vehicle… #SOTR

This Mr. Colion Noir video demonstrates a safe and efficient way to concealed carry your weapon while in your vehicle.  Always check your local state and municipal laws to ensure legality in your state.

New Terms to learn from this video:

MIC Holster: The MIC has become the go to holster for thousands upon thousands of Civilians in Concealed Carry, setting the mark as the smallest, safest deep carry holster on the market. Adding ZERO bulk to your carry system while adding a dramatically increased level of security and retention.

Mexican Style Carry: This is carrying a firearm without a holster.  It’s not a pejorative, just a description of a way to carry.  Not recommended with the proliferation of high quality low profile holsters widely available today.


2 thoughts on “2nd Amendment Watch: Carrying in your vehicle… #SOTR

  1. Mr Clolion Noir is Right On Time!
    In front of my sons school, there is a sign posted. No Concealed Firearms. In my opinion, this is an invitation for a psychopath to enter a school full of children, knowing there will be no armed resistance until Law Enforcement arrives on the scene.

    Every second that Law Enforcement is not there, translates into time that a psycho has to harm the unprotected innocent.

    Criminals are like water, they take the least path of resistance. A sign in front of a school that professes they are unarmed, will only entice a malcontent on a mission.

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