2nd Amendment Watch: Are You a Gun Control Hypocrite? #SOTR

Hopefully you won’t see yourself in these statements:

Via Colion Noir – click on his name to subscribe to his channel. You’re welcome.

Terms to learn from this video:

Clip: A clip is a device that is used to store multiple rounds of ammunition together as a unit, ready for insertion into the magazine or cylinder of a firearm. This speeds up the process of loading and reloading the firearm as several rounds can be loaded at once, rather than one round being loaded at a time. Several different types of clips exist, most of which are made of inexpensive metal stampings that are designed to be disposable, though they are often re-used.

Magazine: A magazine is a container that holds the cartridges. Sometimes magazines themselves are loaded with cartridges by clips. On most firearms a magazine is detachable and replaceable.

Difference between Magazine and a Clip? A [clip is a] device for holding cartridges together, usually to facilitate loading. Widely used as a synonym for “magazine” (although most firearm authorities consider this substandard usage). Technically, a magazine has a feeding spring, a clip does not.

Learn more about both HERE

What does the AK in AK-47 and AK-74 stand for? Automat Kalashnikov created byMikhail Kalashnikov.

AR-15: (Armalite Rifle) Semi Automatic Rifle No such thing as an assault rifle. That does not exist.

223: is a caliber of ammunition that is widely accepted as the “long gun short yardage” best caliber for home defense rifle use. (Very interesting article here on this topic)

Barrel Shroud: A barrel shroud is a covering attached to the barrel of a firearm, that partially or completely encircles the barrel which prevents operators from injuring themselves on a hot barrel.

3 thoughts on “2nd Amendment Watch: Are You a Gun Control Hypocrite? #SOTR

  1. Please let people know that “AR” in AR-15 stands for Armalite, the company that the designer worked for. It does NOT stand for Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle.

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