Shhhhh! Don’t tell @PiersMorgan… Brits are buying tanks!

After his humiliating spanking, gleefully delivered by Dana Loesch, Piers Morgan will not want to hear or see this:

Courtesy of Tanks for Sale United Kingdom:

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 11.46.28 PM

Yes, my friends, Brits are able to purchase tanks for their personal use!  And apparently, they do.  So the idea that Americans; who are endowed with certain inalienable rights that citizens of the British Empire simply do not possess, would be unable to purchase and own tanks, when even the English can?  Well, pardon me, but that’s a bloody load of bollocks!

So if you are interested in purchasing an armored vehicle, tracked or untracked, please consult the listing below: (you’re welcome!)

In case you missed it, here is fresh video of Dana’s appearance on CNN, careful, the laughter is contagious!  Don’t miss the paper wadded and thrown by Piers at the end.

2 thoughts on “Shhhhh! Don’t tell @PiersMorgan… Brits are buying tanks!

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