Townhall Magazine’s February Feature Cover Story by Stacy Washington

It’s very exciting to announce that I wrote the cover article for Townhall Magazine’s February issue!  I have an excerpt for you here.  Please head out and purchase the magazine to read the remainder of the article, there are five more pages to peruse.






Excerpted from Townhall Magazine’s February feature, “Minority Issue or Messaging?,” by Stacy Washington:


Typically, economic factors forecast voting patterns; convention suggests that there must be overall improvements in the quality of life for blacks to justify a level of support merely 5 percent lower than the last election. In August of 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an unemployment rate of 14.1 percent within the black community—less than a percentage point below the 14.9 percent rate at the end of the Great Recession, and well above Bush-era rates, of 9 percent and under.


Furthermore, when looking at household wealth and homeownership, two hallmarks of the American Dream, the Census reports that blacks have fared poorly as well. Between 2005 and 2010, the gap in white and black household wealth widened: whites went from 15 times that of blacks’ to 22 times. CNN Money reports that in 2010, white median household net worth stood at $110,729 versus $4,995 for blacks. This enormous chasm of wealth disparity opened up during the Great Recession and has persisted under the leadership of President Obama. …


The GOP has tried running black candidates on the ticket, and while that’s important, it isn’t the answer. Nor is it enough to feature conservative black pundits on television and radio. Neither of these alone will convert blacks into Republican voters. What will work is illustrating how Republican policies will improve blacks’ lives and economic standing.


History shows that many minority groups, most notably the Irish and Jewish populations, had rough beginnings here in the U.S. but turned them around for the better through hard work and sacrifice.


American Jews weren’t always members of the upper echelons of society. Prosperous Jewish leaders noticed that there were ever-increasing numbers of their people mired in poverty and living in ghettos in New York. As a part of a greater effort to improve the lives of Jewish immigrants, the Federation of Jewish Farmers of America was formed. Historical records from the Jewish Agricultural Society and the Federation of Jewish Farmers show how they set about making a proactive change to better the circumstances of new immigrants through very simple means: teaching them to speak English, and then loaning them funds to buy a farm.


Once the family was set up on their new farm and had paid back the money, that same money was loaned to another family, so they, too, could escape the city. Community leaders stressed that education was of the utmost importance. And through the hard work and determination of the affluent reaching back to help less fortunate, newer American Jews, a tidal wave of success and wealth was unleashed over a few generations.


This plan isn’t limited in its application. It could work for American blacks too. Someone must suggest and implement it; but the Obama administration certainly won’t. The Democrats don’t want more blacks to become successful and free of government handouts. After all, once an individual begins to earn enough money to escape the horrors of inner-city living, he also begins to notice that his tax burden has increased as well. And once a person attends to their tax burden, he usually feels a desire to pay less.


The last election proved that black voters are engaged and willing to go the extra mile for a candidate that connects with them on a personal level. Yet minority outreach in the Republican Party is all but nonexistent. The party must initiate voter contact in the lull between campaigns, when Democrats aren’t working the churches, neighborhoods and shopping centers. Any black person will tell you that the Democrats only show up to seek out votes during election season, and the Republicans make their first attempts just three months before the election. This is abysmal!



Wednesday Headlines: Without a Cohost Edition #SOTR


Here’s what we’re into today!

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This is how pro Aborts celebrate “Reproductive Rights”

Interesting that the pro aborts think a man portraying a pimp is an appropriate surrogate for their movement to ensure that all young women have as much sex as possible, with no accountability: paid for by unwilling taxpayers.

You may thank the Center for Reproductive Rights for the overzealous workout that your gag reflex just went through.  What’s really funny about their choice of Mehcad Brooks (a young black man in case you hadn’t noticed) is that he’s one of the 60% of black babies that survive pregnancy and are permitted to live.

The other 40%  are aborted in utero and never have the opportunity to make the completely wrong headed choice of vocally supporting the number one killer of blacks in America.  Ironic isn’t it?

Zo Rachel explains why inner city liberals vote the big D #SOTR

I was looking for something else when I came across this video from PJTV’s  Alfonzo Rachel about the Obamaphone Lady.  Never seen it before.  Watching it cemented my intention to further examine the “I hate you, so gimme what you got!” mentality so often seen in liberal voters.  More to come on this.

Love Zo’s new website by the way.  He’s a friend, so go over there and check him out!

Thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrating Martin Luther King’s legacy in light of the current state of politics in America is a sad and sobering thought.  Dr. King spoke of being an impartial objective observer of the political parties.

This would be the job of the media, and it’s obvious that they are completely unaware of the tasking. Essentially, we have no one to stand apart to report on and judge both parties, because the majority of the media is completely and unabashedly beholden to the Democrats.

Looking everywhere from social issues to economic policy to the proliferation of the welfare state, not one area of American life currently reflects the ideals of Dr. King; to judge people on their character, not their race, to work hard and do  for ourselves, to protect the family, to honor God through the practice of our faith.

I believe that this would sadden Dr. King greatly, because he was a staunch believer in hard work and he constantly admonished Americans to obey God by honoring their fellow man.

As to the politics of race, as far as America has come, there is still a great distance to be traveled to fully realize Dr. King’s dream of a color blind society.  Dr. King said: “Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.”  He made this statement, here in America, in the midst of segregation and open hostility between blacks and whites. Racism was an evil force ripping this nation to shreds.

In the midst of that, Dr. King advocated for non violent protests, to stop the violence and bring about a change for the better.  This change, based on the love of freedom, bore the fruit that we all partake of today.  My Facebook friends lists showcases this unity of purpose, with every ethnicity represented, differing political ideologies and religious backgrounds.  This is the case in my everyday life as well.

I do not believe that Dr. King would be pleased with the class warfare and divisive nature of the politics of dividing us into individual subgroups.  Especially not after he gave his life to see us all united and partaking of the bounty of this country.   While an enormous swath of blacks in America have not found success, this isn’t due to racism or oppression by whites.  Racism and bigotry still exist, yet cannot be the reason for the state of the inner cities of this country.  The path to prosperity is time proven and simple.   If a black person waits to have children until after they have finished high school and married, their chance of ending up in poverty is 3%.   This statistic proves that the mantle of personal responsibility must be assumed on an individual basis in order for lasting major change to occur for blacks.

Moving forward into 2013 and beyond I hope and pray in faith for a return to what I term the “Attitude of Dr. King”.  We do not take by force what another has earned by the sweat of their own brow, no.  We make our own knowing that hard work and perseverance yield the fruits of success and sufficiency.  And for those that have found success, we give back of our own free will, knowing that giving improves both the life of the giver and the one that receives.

Happy Birthday Dr. King;  and thank you, for as far as we have yet to go on the journey to a colorblind society,  we are grateful for the tough times already conquered.