It Get’s Better – Punched Crowder version *Video

Updated: scroll down for raw footage from FTR…

It gets better guys.  If you are a Right to Work advocate or Americans for Prosperity Volunteer, you may get punched or beaten up by union thugs.  This is a fact that the media, think MSNBC, will ignore or lie about.  Don’t lose hope, It Gets Better!  Because your efforts will be rewarded by enormous states like Michigan, that  will pass Right to Work legislation, and the governor will sign it into law.

Via Tony Katz:

Big ups (tee hee, slang usage) to Tony Katz for the awesome video… Thanks to Governor Snyder and RTW activist Stacy Swimp for their courage!!!


Now that the tent is down, the police decide to step in:

5 thoughts on “It Get’s Better – Punched Crowder version *Video

  1. A predictably heavily-edited video. Where’s the part just before the pinch” Hmmm…? This stinks like Breitbart’s rotting corpse.
    Stay tuned, the truth will come out shortly.

    • Of course that is your response. This isn’t edited at all. It’s what happened. Instead of you admitting that this union thug was wrong to hit a guy and then rush him with a group of other thugs, you attack. I know Steven. I don’t know you, so I think I’ll trust the person that I know instead of some random Liberal poster that hates anyone with a different opinion and enjoys the death of others. But thanks for stopping by and dropping off your steaming bag of hate!! So tolerant and liberal of you!

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