Wednesday Headlines… #SOTR Nice Edition

Here are our Headlines for today:

We’ve outlawed drugs and that TOTALLY solved the problem, right?

And that’s the stickler here folks.  Just outlawing something doesn’t prevent lunatics from engaging in the behavior.  When a person has murder in their heart, they will find a way to act on that impulse.  We can defend ourselves, help people that are mentally ill by protecting them from themselves, while protecting ourselves.  Banning guns will only leave the law abiding members of our society without a means to protect themselves from evil doers.


#Grateful: Landfill Harmonic – Video

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 2.54.59 PM

This is a teaser for the documentary film Landfill Harmonic.  The families in the documentary live on a landfill in Paraguay.  They recycle and sell the trash to subsist.  Now, as sad as this is, there is a deep meaningful message here.

Their lives lack beauty, so they create beauty and music out of trash, by creating instruments for their children.  And boy can the children play.  At one point they share that a violin is worth as much as a house!

I watched this with my girls and my son, because all of our kids play instruments, and we shared a very deep moment.  Realizing that we are constantly surrounded by beauty and constantly complaining and not appreciating our circumstances.  Afterwards, when I heard music fill our home as I made dinner, I truly appreciated it, understanding the privilege it is to be so blessed.

Thanks to Jeannie (hat tip!) for the amazing share…

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It Get’s Better – Punched Crowder version *Video

Updated: scroll down for raw footage from FTR…

It gets better guys.  If you are a Right to Work advocate or Americans for Prosperity Volunteer, you may get punched or beaten up by union thugs.  This is a fact that the media, think MSNBC, will ignore or lie about.  Don’t lose hope, It Gets Better!  Because your efforts will be rewarded by enormous states like Michigan, that  will pass Right to Work legislation, and the governor will sign it into law.

Via Tony Katz:

Big ups (tee hee, slang usage) to Tony Katz for the awesome video… Thanks to Governor Snyder and RTW activist Stacy Swimp for their courage!!!


Now that the tent is down, the police decide to step in:

Wednesday Headlines! #SOTR The Naughty Edition….

Have you been naughty?  Well good for you!  Good behavior is no longer valued as highly in this country: so no worries!  Carry on…

Wednesday on He Said She Said, we have Monica Crowley of WABC Radio and Fox News!  Tune in, you won’t wanna miss this interview!


Stories, Stories, Stories!

And Crowder’s response to being punched? It’s a Bully Beat Down!!  Bring it Thugs!!!