8 thoughts on “Huffington Post Live: The Republican Hangover #SOTR

  1. Stacy, you are a disengenous human being. Look, I am a Black woman and no you don’t look like me for you are a white person who happens to be dark skin. You are a ugly person and no matter what facade, everybody will see through your fake personality. You are not ready for prime time and I will make sure that you are watched very closely just so you will never ever get close to policy.

    • Hi Mimi!
      Thanks for stopping by and depositing your hate. Typical Liberal bull crap. It’s too bad that you have absolutely no control over my ” getting next to” policy. I’m already there. Contributing to the creation of policy by shaping and directing matters as an elected official. And if I decide to do more, there isn’t a thing that you can do about it. As far as my not looking like you… That’s a good thing. Your post here proves that you are ugly where it counts most. On the inside.

    • Mimi – YOU are an ugly person. Don’t you DARE call my close friend Stacy Washington an ugly person. There is nothing fake about Stacy. She is a genuine, smart, funny, courageous, diplomatic and patriotic woman. You have NO idea what you are talking about. And yes, I WILL do everything in my power to help push my friend forward into “prime time” as will all her other loyal and close friends.
      Proud to know Stacy in St. Louis – Shannon McCollough

  2. Dear Stacey: I added your comments to my website: http://www.earthlinkcomputersource.com, simply because you are able to speak intelligently. BUT, I do NOT agree with everything you said, significantly, about States Rights (vs.) The Federal Government. (I can remember, that it took the Federal Government to force Civil Rights in the Public Schools, etc., in this society.); (Also, this society has been “comfortable with white male presidents,” since President George Washington.); and quite frankly, (I am PROUD to be able, “finally,” to vote for, and re-elect a well-qualified Black Person to the U.S. Presidency, “eventhough,” I don’t agree with EVERYTHING that he stands for!!! The most important reason that I added your comments to my website, IS for the benefit of us, who are of the Christian Faith. Let’s face it, it took a “miracle” to re-elect President Obama with the racisms and self-hatreds that STILL exists in this society.

    • There’s is more to states rights than racial equality. The Federal government is too big. The spending is unsustainable. Because of this, we need reform. (A budget would be nice.) Slashing spending is a serious priority.

      You just voted based on the skin color of the candidate. That’s racism.

      Don’t be too busy worrying about slavery or Jim Crow coming back to see that…

  3. Hello,Stacy. First of all I would like to say “Thank You” for unashamedly being the true person that you are and making a strong stand for conservative beliefs like so many of us that are out there trying to make a difference. I, myself would tend to lean on the same values and beliefs as I am an Independent that believes strongly in…well…an INDEPENDENT country. Unfortunately there are a whole lot of “us folk” whose minds have been poisoned by a lot of myths in believing about being “black and democrat” versus being “black and republican” without doing their true research on our black historians such as Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman, etc(who were registered republicans by the way!!!) Keep it up Stacey!!! I respect you a whole lot for you’re doing!!! Let us ALL stand for freedom!!!!

  4. Hi Stacey, I have heard you on occassion speak on the Jamie Allman Show on 97.1 FM here in St Louis. I am right with you. I am a Jewish woman who had her eyes and heart open to Jesus Christ. The Jewish people were in slavery during the time of the OT and have suffered through antisemitism throughout the generations. It is not something most Jews get angy over and keep looking in our rear view mirrors remembering. The Jewish people and the black americans were both slaves. But neither one of us are slaves anymore. The looking in the rear view mirror is my way of saying if you don’t look straight on with life but keeping looking backward, how can you look forward. You can’t be productive. God can’t use you. You are useless except to wine and make problems for those who want to move forward. Thanks for your insight. Keep it up. You are an intelligent woman. Keep your eyes on things above!
    St Louis

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