It’s okay, to make a change. The RNC gets it right | Video

This video is so good that apparently, the Dems are all in a tizzy about it.  I can see why!

via the GOP

The text of the ad: 

President Obama came to the White House with big plans.

He’d half the deficit, strengthen the economy, lower unemployment.

What did we get? National debt over $15 trillion and climbing.

Unemployment above 8% for 40 straight months.  An ongoing economic crisis with no end in sight.

He tried, you tried, it’s okay, to make a change…

The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Can’t you just hear the collective sighs of Americans all over the country as they gently come to the realization that no one will hold their previous support of Obama against them?  Just do the right thing this time folks!  Vote for the job creator…


Chick Fil A sandwiches, I eat them frequently! Now run and tell THAT |Video

By now you have heard that Chick Fil A supports Traditional Marriage and a very traditional Christian viewpoint and business model (they are closed on Sunday’s to honor the Sabbath).  You may also have heard that Governor Huckabee is countering a move by the homosexual left to boycott the chain because of it.  

Cue real life.  Governor Huckabee put up a Facebook page to gather supporters to eat at Chick Fil A on August 1st as a show of support for the business.  Facebook noticed that the page had a million likes or so and promptly took it down.  It was down for a full 12 hours.  Facebook restored it once folks got ticked off and let them know it. 

You may recall an Alabama man that made viral video history with his rants about keeping “yo wife and yo kids” safe from a rapist.  Well Antoine Johnson is back and this time he makes a pretty coherent statement:

And that is the point here, honestly people.  If he can keep eating Chick Fil A as a homosexual man, without compunction, then why can not the rest of the country do the same?  It’s only a display of tolerance, right?

Anyways.  Notice the braids.  They look good right?


New Black Panthers hurl invective in preparation for the GOP Convention

Don’t stop til you get enough!  Oh! Sorry…  I got carried away there thinking of all of the wonderful things on God’s green Earth a girl could get into instead of this:

Via Weasel Zippers:

New Black Panthers Say They Are Ready For RNC Convention In Tampa: “Kill These Racist Honkeys, These Crackers, These Pigs, These Pink People!”…

They’re lucky they are not white or the police might actually get involved.





Essentially, this is a warm up session for round two of the voter intimidation tactics that Eric Holder allowed carte blanche last presidential election season…  I would holler “For shame!” but shame requires a conscience and the DOJ under Eric Holder is severely lacking in that arena.



New confidence in America under Obama? Ummmm, No

In yet another feat of imagination, we see Barack Obama spinning his failures into successes at the expense of reality.  I can already predict the correction ad that he’ll be running in a few days to undo the damage from conservatives mocking him on twitter and online social media for telling more tall tales.  Enter the Tall Tale of the Day: 

Obama: Under Me “People Have A New Attitude Toward America” And “More Confidence”


Of course, Americans would love to know that we have gained respect and are well thought of by other nations.  But this isn’t the case, and in other breaking news: JOBS.  

To hear President Obama wax poetic about our reputation rising while his jobs council has met only once this year; six months ago, is simply ghastly.  And spare me your shock at my “Faux Outrage”.  There’s nothing phony about people out of work wondering when the President is going to deliver on his numerous campaign promises of milk, honey, prosperity, hope and change.

When asked about the Jobs Council and it’s lack of productivity, Americans are presented with this:

via Politico:

When an out of work individual hears the Presidents comments, does he laugh, or cry?  How much do you care about America’s reputation when you are actively looking for work and cannot find any?  Not much…

And the very last thing that you wish to hear is that Mr. Hope and Change is simply too busy to meet with the council…  What has the president been up to?  Well let’s take a look at his schedule and find out.


So you got that right? He can’t meet because he’s busy campaigning… Thats great, just perfect really.


Abortion suicide risk warning upheld in South Dakota | Slate

BREAKING: via Slate:


Federal Court Upholds S.D. Abortion Suicide Warning

The 8th Circuit ruled that the 2005 mandatory advisory does not impede on free speech or abortion rights.


A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a South Dakota law mandating that doctors must warn women seeking abortions that they’ll face a higher risk of suicide and suicidal thoughts if they go through with the procedure.

It’s not a bad thing to warn women about the elevated risk of suicide having an abortion can cause. I know, I know, you’re like me in thinking that it’s good practice to warn a patient of all potential risks associated with a major medical procedure.  That’s just good medicine huh?  Well, abortion rights advocates have been screaming bloody murder at the thougth of women being fully informed about pesky facts like depression, increased probability of becoming suicidal, mood swings and difficulty with relationships and bonding for the remainder of your adult life.

The  St. Louis-based 8th Circuit upheld the 2005 law, 7-4. Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota filed an appeal in September asking the court to toss the mandated warning, arguing that it impedes on both the abortion rights of the patient and on the free speech rights of the doctor.

Statistically, there is a higher rate of suicide among women who have had abortions than those who haven’t. The court’s ruling, the Associated Press explains, ultimately came down to a “battle of medical studies.”


If abortion is so very good for women, and the procedure just removes a clump of cells, why all of the hullabaloo Planned Parenthood?  Oh. Wait….


AFP Missouri Summit | Healthcare Discussion

CATO Institute’s Michael Cannon spoke to a packed room about the true effects of Obamacare (ObamaTax).  Here are brief remarks on the discussion:


Michael Cannon

Results of the passage of ObamaTax

Premiums wil go up, they already have.

Will not result in better access to care.

Child only healthcare plans in 17 states have gone out of business, due to passage.

Dependent coverage for 6,000 children was eliminated because to passage.

The story of Diamante Driver, a 12 year old boy with Medicaid coverage that died from an infected tooth.  He could’nt find a dentist that would take Medicaid.  This is just one case, imagine what will happen once 16 million more Americans are added to the insurance rolls, with the price controls in effect.  More patients, fewer doctors willing to take the government mandated insurance plans; more needless deaths.

ObamaTax can be repealed: here’s how.

States are not required to create the Healthcare Exchanges

  • States can block the $2000 per worker penalty by not implementing the exchanges.
  • Businesses will flock to the states that refuse to implement the penalty.
  • Medicaid expansion will cost $900 Billion which goes to the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Hospitals
  • Simply refuse to expand the Medicaid program, saving the nation $1.3 Trillion

“There’s one train leaving the station, it’s REPEAL and you had better be on it.”

Michael Cannon


@MittRomney ‘s new ad: We Did Build It Ourselves… With These Hands

Thank God for the nimble nature of the Romney Campaign.  It’s clear that he has the infrastructure needed to respond quickly to breaking news out of Washington.  Enjoy:


By responding to the ridiculous statements of President Obama with the story of a real American business owner that did it himself, Romney speaks truth to power.  Enjoyable isn’t it?  More Please!!!