The most racist black on black radio rant you will ever hear

This is what black Republicans go through if they dare to step into the arena with Democrats on radio and tv (think MSNBC).  The verbal abuse here is shocking to say the least.  Charlotte Bergman has a billboard up in Tennessee’s 9th Congressional district.  Tennessee Congressional District 9 is considered THE safest Democratic seat in the entire state along with CD 5.  There hasn’t been a serious challenger since anybody can remember, hence the vitriol.

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I have no words…

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Bacon is good for me! Happy Sunday…

Mucho credit goes to Wife Swap for even putting this dynamic duo together!  A health conscious mom and an adorably chubby little bacon lover.  Hilarity ensues!  Brace yourself as you enjoy gratuitous bacon bikini shots, while asking yourself, “Am I made of bacon?”  You very well may be.

Watch for: bacon shoes, bacon suits, weaved bacon, and an epic ultimatum delivered as only an eight year old can do.

Oh and bacon IS good for you…  So go get some.

State of the Union recap on Contagious Transformation…

I wrote an article for Contagious Transformation on the State of the Union.  This is an excerpt:

-By Stacy E. Washington

Barack Obama delivered a complete rehash of his three previous State of the Union speeches.  While the repetitive nature of his speech was tiresome it is always necessary to carefully examine what the President says for the underlying meaning.  Many of his calls to action have been delivered in speeches to the public.

It’s important to note the careful expansion of his tax agenda.  Now the ones that should pay their fair share are the top 2 percent not the top 1 percent.  It doesn’t seem to matter to him at all that even if you took 100% of the wealth, assets and earnings of the top ten percent it would only fund government operations for six weeks.  Soaking the rich is an exercise in futility.  The rich (to borrow the ridiculous class warfare nomenclature of the liberal agenda) are extraordinarily adept at avoiding paying more taxes than they feel are necessary.  They utilize tax shelters and move assets to more friendly shores.  This is not surprising if you note the following: people like to protect their assets!  Soaking the rich has never worked.  Moving on!

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Big Voices Media: “Handing the microphone back to the hands of the people”

Her name is  Billie Tucker and she has created a new way to get your news and political information.  It’s called Big Voices Media.  Borne out of her frustration at the lack of timely factual coverage provided by her local media during a local mayoral race and the corruption involved, BVM was Billie’s way of taking back the airwaves for truth.  Her story is so inspirational and relevant.  Go to the Big Voices Media site and check it out.  You may just join, and fire your current provider.

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Transmitted via the Roku box and filled with great information from citizens and grassroots organizations, it’s citizen media.  Now you have a voice…  

Ed Martin challenges Chris Koster in the Attorney General race


Just announced:  Ed Martin has set his sights on the office of the Attorney General here in Missouri.  This development benefits the Republican party in filling an empty space on the ticket for November with a fully qualified and worthy Constitutional opponent for Koster.  Koster is a flip flopping  Republican that now shills for the Democrats.  The people of Missouri deserve better than that and Ed Martin fits the bill.

Aspiring politicians or those who are simply interested in politics should consider a political science major when attending college.


via Ed Martin for Missouri:

(St. Louis) – January 26, 2012 – Ed Martin today announced he will ask Missourians to support him as the state’s next Attorney General.Martin, a respected Missouri attorney, said he wants to restore theAttorney General’s office to one that respects the rule of law andrepresents a check on state government, not a checkmark for liberalpolitics and policies like ObamaCare.  Martin said current AttorneyGeneral Chris Koster has acted as President Obama’s lawyer, not thepeople’s Attorney General.

“Over the past three years, I’ve watched President Obama and the federal government impose their will on we the people of Missouri beginning with ObamaCare,” said Martin.  “We Missourians voted to stop ObamaCare, yet Attorney General Koster recently stated publicly that, ‘the act of the Legislature to create the exchange is not compelling a person, employer or healthcare provider to participate in a health exchange’ (Kansas City Business Journal).  However, once the exchanges are set up, the government can penalize those who choose not to purchase health care.  In addition, Koster has failed to lead on issues affecting both our state and nation like job creation, illegal immigration, and voter fraud.”

This Leaves the Congressional District 2 race free for Ann Wagner, who has raised a formidable amount of campaign cash and amassed army of enthusiastic supporters.