Occupy Saint Louis shows us what they are really about – vandalism!

Should private property be defaced to call attention to the Occupy Wall Street local movement? They seem to think so.  These pictures from Frontenac Missouri are courtesy of Kris:



Vandalism, theft, rape, defacing public property; please explain to me in what way these things help jobless college students?  For the irresponsible Occupiers this is par for the course.  The question is, when will it end?

Perhaps Mayor Slay should have left them be at Keiner Plaza, then at least the County would be safe from them…

Go to the GatewayPundit for more details on what they have done to Mayor Slay for his trouble!

Picked up by Big Government!  Click the link and you can view a comprehensive catalogue of Occupest incidents nationwide.  So far numbering at almost 400 separate incidents!  The vandalism pictured above is linked at #365.

Here is a website dedicated solely to tracking OWS and their minions nationwide.  Check them out too.  http://www.owsexposed.com/ 


16 Democrat House Reps are saying goodbye!!

A little good news for the day, 16 Democratic House Reps are either retiring or leaving to run for higher office.  

via the Washington Post:

So far, 16 more Democrats have announced they are giving up their seats in 2012. Half are running for higher office, and the rest are just bidding adieu to politics. “Senior Democrats are voting with their feet,” said Mr. Roskam. “They see that President Obama’s promise of 2008 has just faded incredibly quickly. They figured out that the 2012 cycle is likely to be another wave election similar to what we saw in 2010.” So far this cycle, no House Republican is retiring from politics.

This is in direct juxtaposition to the GOP House members – none of them are retiring.  2012 people!  That’s what it’s all about…  Get active, get involved, get moving on someone’s campaign; NOW. 

In fact – go here to Freedom Works and check out the grass roots organization happenings for your area! 



200 pound boy taken from mother

This is a tragic story of parenting run amok.  The little lad is 8 years old, and weighs 250 lbs.  The pediatrician in the clip is advocating for more government intervention.  I agree that removing him from his mother is a drastic step that should be the absolute last resort.  On the other hand, something should have been done before he reached this level. 

via jogbird on YouTube:

Of course none of us can know what this family is going through.  I so agree with the Dr. that the best solution is one that keeps this family together.  More programs and funding are definitely not the answer.  Reinstating daily PE in schools is one immediately available solution.  And allowing children to arrive a little early to school and play outside (something that used to be commonplace that is now disappearing) is another.

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Meanwhile, elsewhere here in the US dogs are working out at Fido Fit Club:

Man it’s a wonderful world isn’t it?