Dog named Mohammed angers CAIR

In another bizarre yarn out of San Juan Capistrano California, a city council member has named his dogs America and Mohammed.  Derek Reed was commenting on his dogs during a city council meeting discussion on a dog park for the city, when the names came up. 

Of course pro Sharia law Hamas front group CAIR weighed in with this:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says Reeve’s action is “un-American, irresponsible and immoral” and will fuel “anti-Muslim sentiment.”

In America, free speech gives any person the right to name their pets, or anything else what ever they wish. Check out the video:

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Cain rising in Rasmussen Poll

Romney has been campaigning for five years, and he still isn’t the frontrunner.  I have been relentlessly ruthless in my cataloguing of his flip flops and position changes.  He persists, but to what avail?  Simply put, if the media says he would be great against Obama, he is NOT our man.

Perry is out ahead of the pack and doing quite well in spite of some previous policy flaps.  His debate performances are deteriorating instead of improving, but his conservative bonafides are strong.  Yet, because of the Texas Dream Act he is floundering and in serious danger of losing his lead.

Bachmann was the champ out of the gate, but is now polling so low that her campaign is all but over.  This is due in part to numerous factual gaffes and her relentless attacks on Perry regarding the Gardasil mandate.  She was correct to call him out on it, but it has made her a one issue candidate.  It came at a time when her campaign was already weak and needed an infusion of ideas, not attacks.

Santorum has always been a conservative favorite.  He is as conservative as apple pie and wholesome.  Yet for some reason his experience as a senator and time spent as a leader doesn’t translate into presidential gravitas.  In fact, he spent an inordinate amount of time attacking Perry in Florida that came off as truly mean.  Of course he is a great American and he certainly deserves a place in the cabinet.

Newt has had stellar debate performances often providing the zinger of the night with his quick fearless wit.  If it weren’t for the personal baggage, he would definitely be the frontrunner.  There isn’t a more intelligent and well prepared candidate to be had.  Newt will make a fabulous addition to the cabinet, in almost any position, he is just that knowledgeable.  

Meanwhile the stunner has turned out to be Herman Cain.  Simple solutions, a friendly businesslike demeanor and persistence are paying off for this underdog.   After hearing Cain in person at Smart Girl Summit this summer, I have lamented the lack of momentum for his campaign.  He is the proof positive that Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party alike are clearly not racist.  He continues to rise and surprise with this latest revelation from the latest Rasmussen Reports Poll that shows President Obama with 39% to Cain’s 34%.  This is a true threat to the Obama machine and bodes very well for Cain’s candidacy.
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Gov. Chris Christie endorses Ann Wagner

This morning was a breakfast of champions as Ambassador Ann Wagner and former U S Attorney Christine Hanaway welcomed Governor Chris Christie to Saint Louis.
During his remarks he shared his ire for the state of our country and hope for the future. His endorsement of Ann Wagner was both touching and unequivocal. I quote “Ann Wagner is the real deal!”

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This is why I am not in the many sided Mittens camp!

Can anyone tell me what Mitt Romney is so very jubilant about?

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He is signing Romneycare into law in Massachusetts. Notice the buddies in attendance… Ted Kennedy and that whole bunch.

Here is Mittens in his own words:

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Mitt: “I want to protect a woman’s right to choose.”

Here he is again in 2005!!

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Stacy on KSDK’s I’m Just Sayin’

Here it is! My video response to my earlier post about jobs.  Government has to get out of the way and a change in Washington is the only way that will ever occur.



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